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This Mobile Bar, Chef David and Liz Cook’s newest addition to their catering offerings, makes an excellent addition to your next catered party or event! 

POP Party Bar brings the beverages to you featuring options for kid’s parties, adult gatherings, wine parties and tastings, and other types of celebrations.

Why POP?

Why Not? What’s not to love about this mobile bar? When hosting an event or gathering, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in the kitchen OR behind the bar! Now you can mix, mingle and have fun with your guests.

POP! the place where memories are made with boujee bars, bomb drinks and stellar bartenders. It’s more fun than seems possible in one evening!

Coco Champagne Cart

Rent the POP Mobile Bar for your next wine tasting or champagne event! This mobile bar and champagne cart are perfect for outdoor intimate gatherings which includes service with a smile. Small enough for back yard fun yet loaded with your favorite beverages.

Champagne Cart
Pop mobile bar

What Can You Do With POP?

This repurposed 2002 Burro Camper, now called the POP! Mobile Bar, provides the beverages and bar service for your party. Sodas, flavored sparkling water, infused water, champagne, wine and beer, this little beauty provides it all!

About Chef David and Liz Cook

David & Liz needed to re-invent themselves one more time! Liz was working on an Italian theme wedding and came across the Prosecco Cart in Italy!  There it was. The light bulb went off! Liz canvassed the internet looking for a truck, cart or something. On a Saturday afternoon in May, on their way to Daveed’s Kitchen driving the normal route, they passed a Burro Camper. David said, “There’s your mobile bar! Liz looked up (on her phone as usual) and said, “STOP! Turn around! We need the phone number!” Liz convinced David. “We need to ‘Jump off the Cliff’ again!”, she said, referring to Daveed’s restaurant in Mt. Adams 21 years ago.) The 2002 Burro was in possession on Monday!

So, onto our POP! Adventure.

Chef David and Liz
POP Package 1

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POP Package 2

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POP Package 3

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Daveed’s Catering and the POP Mobile Bar can make your next event a rousing success. Event specialist, Liz Cook, will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Why Choose POP?

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Bridal and Baby Showers
  • Kids Parties
  • Outdoor Parties
  • Corporate Events
POP Mobile Bar

Stephen’s and my 50th Anniversary was fabulous.
What a great evening with our family.
The food was excellent, very creative.
Service was impeccable.
We were treated like royalty.
Thank you David and Liz.

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– Janet Hahn


Great Inspiring Foods

“Great inspiring foods by one of Cincinnati’s best and most classic chefs!”
– Dustin Wallace – Dec. 2019


“We just had the chicken and couscous. It was absolutely delicious! My husband wants me to get more ASAP!”
Andrea Jagello March 2020

Magnificent Food, Service and Atmosphere

“Magnificent food, service and atmosphere created during wedding reception service for our guests. ”
– Jennifer Boyd Schaefer June 2017

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